Topic Association Project

Big Data
Media and Entertainment
Hours spent:
1 000+

Project Details

High Load Backend Project
TAP (Topic Association Project) is an enterprise level backend project. The main purpose of this project is to ensure secure, reliable, hassle-free performance of a global news aggregator project. TAP operates in a high-performance, fail-safe, load-balanced environment and serves many purposes including:
  • Collecting news articles from around the world in all available languages;
  • Intelligent news tagging and classification;
  • Image processing;
  • Swift processing of user search requests;
  • Delivering targeted results (news);
  • Suggesting related content and news providers;
  • Collecting and processing user statistics;
  • Providing rapid communication channels for system components.

TAP is high load system with microservices architecture.

Used Technologies

C#, AWS DynamoDB for fast processing of big data, AWS SQS messaging for inter-service communication, AWS EC2 and AWS Elastic Load Balancer for resizable and secure computing in the cloud, AWS CloudSearch for fast searching big data, AWS ElastiCache for in-memory data storing in the cloud, AWS CodeDeploy and TeamCity for deployment and continuous integration, AWS S3 for localization and big diagnostic information storing.


Microsoft C#
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon SQS
Amazon EC2
Amazon Elastic Load Balancer
Amazon CloudSearch
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon CodeDeploy
Amazon S3
Project Testimonials
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One of our clients The client wished to remain anonymous
“One of the best elancer we have worked with. The project was well managed and delivered per specifications on time. The process was smooth with great communication, insightful questions, and intelligent solutions to issues that have been overlooked in the specifications. Definitely planning on using for future work.”
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